Heating and Cooling Discounts

If you’re in the market to save on new, more energy-efficient home heating and air conditioning (HVAC) equipment, we have great news for you: discounts and incentives from Ameren Illinois can save you hundreds of dollars on the energy-efficient products listed below.

  • Air-source electric heat pump savings

  • Save on central air conditioners

  • Install a more efficient blower motor

As long as you’re an Ameren Illinois customer, you qualify for these home energy savings. It doesn’t matter if you’re building a new home or are looking to replace an aging unit. Simply contact a registered ActOnEnergy Program Ally from our contractor network for energy-efficient equipment recommendations and find out how much you can save up front on equipment  upgrades.

Discount Qualifications

To qualify for these discounts, your contractor (registered Program Ally) must follow the guidelines on the energy efficiency of the new equipment and the equipment you are replacing.

  • You must be an Ameren Illinois residential electric customer.
  • IMPORTANT: Self-installed equipment does not qualify for home heating and air conditioning discounts.
  • Equipment must be purchased from and installed by a home heating and air conditioning (HVAC) registered Program Ally.
  • Only your Program Ally may remove the existing unit(s).
  • To qualify for the Early Retirement incentive, your Program Ally must verify that your current equipment is in working condition, and gather other information about the unit. For this reason, only your Program Ally may remove the existing unit.

Discounts on Central Air Conditioners and Air-Source Electric Heat Pumps

Whether you’re looking for a new central air conditioner, or an air-source heat pump, you’ve come to the right place.

Product Qualifications:

See the qualifications below for replacement of a standard unit or early replacement of Central Air Conditioners and Air-source Electric Heat Pumps.

Standard Unit Qualifications:
A standard unit is one that is broken, doesn't currently exist (i.e. new construction) or is a mid-efficiency rated unit.

  • New construction

  • No pre-existing unit

  • Replace on failure

  • Replacement of unit with a nameplate SEER rating of 10.1 or greater

Early Replacement Qualifications:
Early replacement means the replacement of an older, less efficient unit before the unit stops working.

  • Replacement of a working unit

  • Replacement of an existing central air conditioner or heat pump unit with a nameplate SEER rating of 10.0 or less

Air-Source Heat Pump Energy Efficiency Rating  Standard Unit
Discount Amount 
Early Replacement Unit
Discount Amount 
SEER Rating of 16.0 or greater & 8.2 HSPF $300 $600 
Air Conditioner Energy Efficiency Rating              Standard Unit
Discount Amount
Early Replacement Unit
Discount Amount
SEER Rating of 14.5 to 14.9 $100 $400
SEER Rating of 15.0 to 15.9 $150 $450
SEER Rating of 16.0 or greater $200 $500

Other Energy-Saving Products

Energy-Efficient Product Incentive
High Efficiency Blower Motor $200*

*High efficiency blower motor incentives are only available for projects that include a new gas furnace. A furnace AHRI certificate must be submitted with the application.


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