Identify Ways to Save

Home Energy Audit

An energy audit assesses the energy usage of your home and recommends ways you can save energy by:

  • Adding Insulation
  • Eliminating drafts through air sealing
  • Changing light bulbs and showerheads
  • Upgrading heating & cooling equipment

These energy efficiency improvements can result in lower utility bills and a safer, more comfortable home. Even better, incentives are provided to lower the cost of these upgrades and, in some cases, pay for them completely.

How to Get Started

Option 1: Call Ameren Illinois at 1.866.838.6918 to schedule a home energy audit.

For only $50, a specially trained Energy Advisor will:

  • Perform a thorough visual inspection
  • Examine behind your walls with thermal imaging (infrared) technology (when possible)
  • Conduct a computer analysis of your home
  • Generate a custom report that pinpoints problem areas and improvement measures
  • Provide you with a list of certified Program Allies to help you make the recommended improvements!


Option 2: Contact a Program Ally

Our Program Ally Network for the Home Efficiency Program is composed of contractors who are BPI-certified insulation / air sealing specialists. They'll help you with improvements that deliver the best value for home energy savings – and provide you with terrific incentives.

Program Allies can assess your home and help you decide which energy improvements your home can benefit from most and how to qualify for incentives.

Find A Program Ally

With Ameren Illinois' energy efficiency program,

'I was able to insulate my home and my wallet.'
- Ray Slapak, Ameren Illinois Customer Learn How