Home Performance with ENERGY STAR®

Get Comfortable Saving Energy

Thinking about making energy-saving upgrades to your home? Don’t make a move without investigating the incentives available to you through the Ameren Illinois ActOnEnergy® Home Energy Performance with ENERGY STAR (HPwES) program. You could be eligible for up to $4,700 in efficiency upgrade discounts!

Home Performance Measure

Save Up To
Rim Joist Insulation $500
Crawl Space Ins. $1,200
Air / Duct Sealing $1,000
Attic Insulation $800
Wall Insulation $1,200

Qualify for Savings through Our Contractor Network

Our Program Ally Network is composed of contractors who are BPI-certified insulation / air sealing specialists. They'll help you with improvements that deliver the biggest home energy-savings bang for the buck – and provide you with terrific incentives.

Only a registered ActOnEnergy Program Ally can provide you with both the quality and program discounts you deserve.

Illinois Home Performance with ENERGY STAR

If you didn't build an ENERGY STAR certified home, you can still bring your home's efficiency up to its highest potential through Illinois Home Performance (IHP). Your contractor can follow the IHP guidelines and to earn your home an IHP Silver Certificate or even a Gold Certificate. Read this flyer to learn more.

Don't take our word for it... Consumer Reports has an excellent article on the benefits of a home energy audit by a Building Performance Institute (BPI) certified contractor. See it HERE.

Home offer contingent on … an energy audit?! 

We’re all familiar with homebuyers making their offers contingent on home inspections. But basing your purchasing contingency on an energy audit may be a new line of thinking. While it’s not happening in great numbers yet, as energy costs continue to rise, those in the market for a home may want to consider the benefits of an energy audit before buying a home.

Compared to what? Check out GreenandSave.com's Master ROI Tables to quickly compare annual savings, 10-year savings, ROI percentage, and length of payback time achievable through various energy-saving home improvements. ActOnEnergy favorites (like installing programmable thermostats, standby power reduction with smart power strips, and hot water heaters) fare very well.

Go straight to the source: The North American Insulation Manufacturers Association has released their conclusions on the relative importance of home insulation and air filtration in their insulation facts report, which summarizes multiple industry air insulation and filtration studies.

Ask the experts: Vermonters know weather extremes … and Smart Energy of Vermont knows how to separate home-energy myths from facts.

Out-of-the-ordinary environments: Some home configurations would not seem to be conducive to thorough insulating. Take, for example, homes with cathedral ceilings.

Lonnie and Ken Saved $2,800 through ActOnEnergy® and They're Saving $100 Monthly!

We had about $4,500 of work completed, and with the rebates offered through the ActOnEnergy® program we only paid $1,700! Before, our energy bills were $200. Since having the work done our winter energy bills have never exceeded more than $90!

The resulting energy savings is really amazing. Our home is so much more comfortable with no more cold or hot spots. We are two very happy customers, thank you!

Lonnie and Ken Dossenbach
Springfield, Illinois

Steve is Saving 30% Monthly After Spending a Minimal Amount on Improvements

My monthly energy usage is down 30% from the previous year and has been consistent throughout the changing seasons. The most remarkable part is that the savings came out of minimal cost from me, and the ActOnEnergy® program subsidizes the consumer to use less energy. What other industry pays you to consume less of their product?

I can think of no other energy saving improvement a homeowner can do that will provide a greater return on their investment.

Steve Henry

Hecker, Illinois

Insulation 101: Leave it to The Learning Channel to put together a concise primer on insulation.

Want to know more about home energy performance? Trust the U.S. Department of Energy to share just about everything we could want to know on the key subjects like insulation and air sealing.

What more can you do? If you’re like most of us, your home presents energy-saving opportunities at every turn. Check out the ActOnEnergy checklist to find energy savings you may be overlooking in your home. And while you’re at it, take a tour of our Energy House!

Become an insulation expert overnight: The U.S. government has put together a short course in duct sealing … and a ton of great information on air sealing and insulation. Happy reading!