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Get Incentives for Energy-Saving Improvements

Improve the efficiency and comfort of your home with the help of Ameren Illinois' home efficiency incentives. Through a home energy audit, we can identify ways to bring your home’s efficiency up to its highest potential and reduce energy costs. We'll even install energy-efficient LED bulbs and high-performance faucet aerators and showerheads in your home. 

Plus — you can receive generous incentives on a number of energy-efficient home improvements, including:

  • Added insulation
  • Air sealing to eliminate drafts
  • Heating and cooling equipment upgrades
  • Advanced power strips
  • Smart thermostats

You may be eligible if you are an Ameren Illinois customer and meet the income requirements based on household size, as listed below.

Eligibility Guidelines

Use the chart below to determine your eligibility based on family size and household income:

Annual Household Income (Gross)

Number of Persons in Household Maximum Income
1 $36,420
2 $49,380
3 $62,340
4 $75,300
5 $88,260
6 $101,220
7 $114,180

If you think you qualify based on your household income, complete the Online Customer Application. We'll follow up with more information and help you get a home energy audit scheduled.

More Information

Al Weidlich

As a retired Lutheran minister, Albert (“Al”) Weidlich has lived a life in service to others. In fact, the youthful octogenarian and aviation enthusiast continues to play an active role in the Civil Air Patrol, where he helps young people develop citizenship and character. While he happily invests his energy in others, Ameren Illinois is helping Al save a little energy at home, courtesy of the Home Efficiency Income-Qualified offering.

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Energy Stars Heating & Cooling

As a Program Ally, Energy Stars Heating & Cooling Co. helps low- and moderate-income families in the Metro East region outside St. Louis take advantage of Ameren Illinois’ Home Efficiency Offering. This offering provides incentives that can cover a substantial portion of the costs to make energy-saving improvements.

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Terry Carter

Empty-nester Terry Carter used to dread returning home to her cold, drafty home after work during the winter. More than a few cold winter nights motivated her to pick up the phone after reading about Ameren Illinois' Home Efficiency offering and a home energy audit. After making the recommended improvements with the help of incentives from Ameren Illinois, Terry now enjoys the comfort on her home year round—and the savings she sees on her monthly bill.

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Paul Faraci

Champaign City Councilman Paul Faraci wholeheartedly believes in the city's "Grow Green Champaign" initiative encouraging residents to embrace energy efficiency. In fact, he took the city's sustainability mission to the home front and made a number of energy-saving improvements to his home with help from Ameren Illinois. The changes have made a difference they can see on their monthly bill—and feel in their home.

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Audit/Insulation and Air Sealing Overview

Ameren Illinois is committed to providing simple ways to help customers save energy and money.  Learn these 3 essential steps to manage your homes energy costs all year round.

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